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Mitchell Oil Co Ltd
Mitchell Oil Co Ltd
Mitchell Oil Co Ltd
Quality, service, quick deliveries and pride in what we do.
Mitchell Oil Co Ltd - We are an independent family run oil and lubrication supplier, providing high quality grade oils, greases, specialist metal working fluids, fuel oils, cleaning solutions and janitorial products. We also supply an extensive range of work wear from gloves, work boots to PPE safety wear.

Established in Dudley in 1988 our customer base has grown throughout the West Midlands as a leading lubicant stockist and supplier, our customer list has grown rapidly which we believe is through our friendly and experienced staff offering competitive pricing on our extensive range of products and our 100% commitment to our customers ensuring their materials are usually delivered on the same day or next day to meet our customers needs.

Mitchell Oil Co Ltd
aquired Newent Solutions Ltd in 2008 making it possible to extend our product list to supplying cleaning solutions, aerosols and a full range of hand cleansing options.
Registered in England & Wales | Registered office, Unit 4, Thornleigh trading estate, Netherton, Dudley reg No 02218837 VAT No 345 657 765
Mitchell Oil Co Ltd
    Unit 4, Thornleigh trading estate,
Netherton, Dudley,
West Midlands,
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Customer satisfaction with our high performance and competitively priced products.
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"Oils and lubricants are manufactured in modern lubricant production facilities under ISO9001 quality control so as to ensure high levels of quality production"
Products available:
Metal working fluids (CNC machining and conventional machining)
Synthetic, semi synthetic, and mineral, water soluble fluids, grinding fluids, neat cutting oils, drawing pastes and system cleaners.

Industrial lubricants (ISO grades 32,46,68,100,150,220,320,460,680)
Hydraulic oils, machine oils, slideway oils, industrial gear oils, compressor oils, airline oils, spark erosion fluids, dewatering fluids, rust preventatives, transformer oils, heat transfer fluids, mould release oils, greases, multi-purpose, complex, moly and OOEP.

Automotive and commercial lubricants (5W/30 5W/40 10W/40 15W/40 etc..)
Diesel and petrol engine oils, premium low saps grades, fully and semi synthetic grades, premium mineral grades, gear oils, synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral, ATF fluid, brake fluid, meg anti-freeze, greases, multi-purpose, complex, moly and OOEP.

Agricultural lubricants and fuels ( 10W/30 10W/40 15W/40 etc..)
Super universal tractor oils, universal transmission fluids, hydraulic oils, chain saw oils, gas oil and kerosene supplied in 25ltr and 200 ltr drums.
Sales and enquiries
Tel: 01384 233803
Fax: 01384 456279

Lubricants, oils and greases
CNC Metal working fluids
Agricultural fuel oils
Cleaning solutions